Do You Have Questions about Your Student Loans?

At Tucson College, we are dedicated to helping you understand all aspects of your education, including your student loans. Taking out a student loan can be a confusing and intimidating process, which is why we created the Student Loan Help Center.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable is staff ready to answer your questions about your student loans. As a current student or graduate of Tucson College, you have convenient access to the Student Loan Help Center during your education, after you graduate when you enter your grace period, and even when it comes time to start paying them back.

Why Should You Call the Student Loan Help Center?

There are many benefits to contacting the Student Loan Help Center with your questions or concerns:

  • You will receive the most up-to-date and accurate information in terms that you can understand.
  • We help you assess your financial situation and help you choose the best repayment program for your financial needs.
  • We can act as your advocate by talking directly to your lender to explain your situation.
  • We can help you protect your eligibility for future financial aid.
  • We will offer advice on how to protect and even improve your credit score.

The Student Loan Help Center is here to help you reach your new career goals. For more information about how we can help you, please call 866.882.2586.