The Miami-Jacobs Student Experience

Are you ready for a great college experience? At Miami-Jacobs Career College (MJCC), one of our top priorities is providing you with a supportive and productive environment while you complete your studies. We want to help you achieve your career goals and ensure that you are fully prepared for the job market. 

From the moment you meet with one of our Admissions Representatives, you will have access to resources that will help you succeed in class and in life. We are ready and willing to help in any way we can to make sure that you have the best college experience. 

The Miami-Jacobs Community

Since 1860, we’ve planted and cultivated relationships with local businesses and organizations to expand the MJCC community. As a student at MJCC, you become a member of that community. 

What does that mean for you exactly? When you become a member of our community, your professional network expands. You’ll have more career opportunities and get job leads from local businesses and organizations that partner with us.

Our Facilities and Resources

Each of our Ohio campuses is equipped with the facilities and resources you need to become a success in your new career.  With our on-campus labs and facilities, we will teach you how to use the software and tools you’ll encounter in your new job. 

In addition to our program specific resources, we also have learning resource centers and computer labs for you to use when you need them. If you need to prepare for an exam, write an essay or take a break from the day to check your email, we have a place for you. 

Our Alumni Experience

As a graduate from Miami-Jacobs, you will have access to special promotions and discounts, our Lifetime Career Assistance and alumni network. Learn more about our Alumni Services.

Get Started Today

Are you ready for a great college experience? We are here to help you succeed in a new and exciting career. Call us at 866.865.8067 to get started, or click here to request more information